Services in Meadow VistaSpecial services:

  • Museum Quality Conservation: Sierra Art Services knows how to preserve the integrity of your artwork. We use only 100% cotton and alpha cellulose mat board in all of our framing products. We also offer conservation glass and acrylic to protect against light damage.
  • French Matting: Mat board was developed when print making became a method of re-producing art, the framer would take the time to hand decorate each mat with pastel panels, ink lines, painted bevels and gold leaf. This tradition lives on, we make beautifully designed matting by hand.
  • Hand-wrapped Fabrics: We hand-wrap all of our fabric mats and liners with a huge variety of fine linens, cottons and exotic silks. For added depth and texture, we also make deep wrapped bevels and continuous cover liners.
  • Genuine Leather and Barn Wood: Sierra Art Services has a large selection of rustic cow hide and contemporary leather frames hand-made in Lima, Peru. Our genuine barn wood frames are imported from rural Montana.
  • Textiles and Needlework Framing: We specialize in framing any kind of fabric art. Whether you have lacework, quilting, embroidery, needlepoint, a Kalaga or a Mola, we know how to handle and secure each type of item correctly inside the frame.
  • Exotic Hardwoods: Sierra Art Services has a huge selection of exotic hardwoods from around the world including maple, walnut, cherry, teak, koa, wenge, paduk, and purple-heart. Natural hardwoods will hold their look and value for generations.
  • Object Boxes: We can frame anything! An object box is a congruent collection or archive of items that tell a story. They can memorialize a childhood, career path, or special event such as a wedding or graduation. The possibilities are endless.
  • Restoration Services: If it can be repaired and is worth preserving, Sierra Art Services can do it. We clean paintings, repair antique frames, restore photography, and can do wonders cleaning up your tired looking antiques!

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