Shadow Box Framing

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I often hear the question. Do you do shadow box framing? Well, yes we do!

The best boxes display a collection of congruent items, things that logically and ascetically go together. The most popular are military collections. Medals, certificates, pins, patches, and photos can be arranged to show the pride and accomplishment of a long career. Weddings are also perfect occasions to gather a collection for framing. We can incorporate satin, ribbon and lace along with photos, the invitation, and a variety of keepsakes into a custom box to remind the couple of their special day. Antique documents can be arranged with maps and other items. The possibilities are endless.

The photo shows my personal collection of awards received the year I entered the International Framing Competition in Las Vegas. I became deeplyinvolved with my trade association, attending education events, and gathering the highest certifications and qualifications available in the United States, within the framing industry. I built tiny frames for the show-badge and the four colored ribbons that were attached to it. Only a few framers accumulated so many and I felt like a peacock wearing it. People noticed me on the showroom floor. I am one of the top picture framers in the country and there is my proof.

The frame is a hand-carved tabernacle style, an architectural term suggesting a niche or doorway that would protect a shrine. Perfect, right? It is post and lintel construction with fluted columns with an engraved entablature. It was made as a promotional item with my former business name, the one I used during that time, so, also, perfect! The ribbons are sewn to burgundy suede which travels up the inside rails to support the museum quality acrylic glazing. Simple and sophisticated.

We are great at helping you sort through your items and arrange them in an attractive way. I have an abundance of fabric and matting choices along with lots of frame samples that can accommodate large pieces. We have years of experience and various methods for mounting different things and we love challenges!PPFA Framing Competition

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