Object Boxes

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Display and protect your cherished treasures. This vest was decorated with needlepoint and hand stitched by the customer during the 1970’s. Even the hangar is wrapped with yellow pipe cleaner, a definite sign of times gone by. It had been adorned with pink and yellow ribbons, and silk flowers and hung in the closet for decades. This particular item brings back sweet memories of a time in her own personal history, when she made and wore this vest, and feelings of youthful wonder arise in her when she sees it. It had been locked away for far too long, so she decided to put it out on display. We designed a custom acrylic box with tubing inside to accommodate the hangar. The wooden base was created to be heavy and stable while allowing the acrylic box to lift up easily for cleaning and adjustments. It’s color and molded shape align perfectly with the era of the piece, specifically designed to appear as if it had always been the vest’s companion. It is intended to sit up and out of traffic areas such as on top of a bookshelf or cabinet.  object boxes