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paintbrush yosemiteConnect with us for a Complete and Complimentary Evaluation of your Framed Art. Styles change. Art collectors upgrade and redecorate as the years go by. If you have a piece of art that is rare, expensive, or sentimental, then it is worth protecting. If an artwork doesn’t look as nice as you’d like because it is showing some wear or no longer fits your decor, we can bring it up to date, get it back into shape and looking great again.

We are color & design experts and make great recommendations. A new mat or frame can completely change the look of your artwork and our selection is amazing! We carry an extensive array of hand-crafted Italian mouldings and we can repair or recreate just about anything. Our matting has won international awards. Framing can be made larger or smaller. We can re-hinge artwork and repair broken corners on frames. We can take framing apart just to clean the inside of your glass, which can become hazy and speckled with bits of insects through the years. If needed, we offer complete restoration services.

With an Art Historian and Master Picture Framer on staff, we are ready to determine exactly what type of art you have; if it is an original painting, a photo, or a print. Works of art on paper and textiles of any kind are our specialty. We will inspect the structural integrity of the frame and any preservation techniques. You will then be given a free condition report and general appraisal, including an estimate for helpful upgrades that will extend the life and beauty of the work. Ultra-violet protective glass is our most popular upgrade. This will stop fading and light damage in its tracks.

Your special bonus for visiting our showroom: with your framed art, we will inspect and likely replace the hanging system on the back with something more secure, absolutely free of charge. So, even if you decide to keep your framing the way it is for now, you will leave with lots of insight and information, and know your art can be safely hung on the wall.

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